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USDF Historical Awards Reports Now Available



July 9, 2009, Lexington, KY - The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to now offer historical awards reports, dating from 1974 to the present. These reports, available through the USDF Web site, include award name, levels, rankings, median score, and the year the award was earned, for most awards that USDF has provided over the past 25 years.  Reports are available by owner, rider, or horse for a fee of 20 dollars each for members and 35 dollars each for non-members. 
The rider's report will list the awards that a specified rider has achieved, including rankings for year-end awards such as junior/young rider, adult amateur, vintage cup, and cumulative rider awards such as the bronze, silver, or gold medals or freestyle bars.  Horse reports will list all year-end award placings achieved by a particular horse, and the owner report will list all awards won by all horses they owned at the time the award was won, including any horse performance certificates that were earned.
"Thanks to the efforts of our competitions staff in inputting all manual data accumulated before USDF went to electronic data processing, and the IT staff for revamping the USDF database and developing the programming necessary to make these reports available, we are now able to offer a complete awards history of a rider, owner, or horse with the simple click of a button," stated Krystina Firth, USDF Senior Competitions Coordinator.
For more information about awards or awards reporting, please visit the USDF Web site,, or contact the USDF office at

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