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CSDEA has an educational scholarship fund for its members, to be awarded by the CSDEA Scholarship Committee.  Funds are raised for scholarships by the CSDEA board in an annual budget designation and from voluntary donations of members.



What do I need to do to get a scholarship?  It’s really quite simple. (Note: You cannot apply on-line.)
  • Print and fill out the 2020 Scholarship Form (note you must be a current member to access the application form) and enclose the clinic advertisement or notice.
  • Send in the scholarship application form as early as possible to the address on the bottom of the form.
  • Send in your clinic entry as normal, including payment, to your clinic secretary.  If you qualify for the scholarship, then after the clinic is over, you can submit a receipt to the CSDEA Scholarship Committee for reimbursement of the tuition portion of the clinic fees.


What are the limits of the scholarships?

  • Scholarships cover tuition only (no transportation, stabling, lunch, etc.).
  • Clinics that are advertised or sponsored by CSDEA, USEA, USDF or USEF are allowed and you are not limited to our CSDEA immediate geographic area.  Private clinics do not qualify.
  • Individuals are eligible for scholarships once every two years.
  •  There is a maximum of 2 scholarships per clinic, unless otherwise stated by Scholarship Chair.
  • If a scholarship recipient fails to perform volunteer work within a year, you need to return all scholarship funds to the committee.
  •  Scholarships are available for up to $300 per person.
  • Of course, you must be a CSDEA member in good standing.

Questions? For website issues or feedback, contact the Web Committee.
For member information or assistance, contact the Membership Coordinator.
For general inquiries, contact the CSDEA President.