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Facilities Development Program


The goal of the Facilities Development Program (FDP) is to support the development and maintenance of facilities to be used by the membership.

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FDP - Pheasant View Water Complex
Schooling show participants cool off in the water complex at Pheasant View Farm, which was completed in 2017 with the help of a matching grant from CSDEA.
Since 2006, CSDEA has distributed over $35,000 through Facilities Development Grants to support local venues, including:
  • Otter Creek Farm in Wheeler, WI
    • In 2004 to assist with development of the Intermediate cross country course
    • In 2007 to assist with construction of a new dressage ring and new water complex (see Cross Country Spring Issue 2007)
    • In 2020 to assist with construction of a new dressage ring
  • Stearns County Fairgrounds in Sauke Centre, MN - In 2007 to help the Northern Minnesota Arabian Horse, Half-Arabian, and the North Dakota Arabian Horse Associations complete construction of a dressage ring (see Cross Country Fall Issue 2007)
  • Trott Brook Horse Trials in Ramsey, MN - In 2008 for new jump cups
  • Focused Riding Center in Hager City, WI - In 2011 to assist with construction of a new water complex and a new bank complex
  • Birchbury Farm in Ham Lake, MN - In 2012 for improved ring footing
  • Wildwood Farm in Osseo, MN - In 2014 to assist with the beach entrance to the water complex
  • Hollow Creek Farm in Menomonie, WI - In 2015 to assist with the construction of a new water complex
  • Sunset Hill Equestrian in Baldwin, WI - In 2015 to assist with the construction of a new indoor arena
  • Pheasant View Farm in River Falls, WI - In 2017 to assist with the construction of a new water complex
Funding and grants may be allocated in the following three ways:

Direct Grant up to $300

  • Open to schooling facilities and private farms.
  • The facility must have hosted at least one CSDEA clinic, seminar, or event within the past 12 months.
  • The facility must submit a written request to CSDEA designating what the funds will be used for.
  • The facility must grant CSDEA access to hold at least one activity there during a 12 month period following acceptance of the direct grant. The FDP committee has the authority to allocate grant money at this level without board approval, providing the grant falls within the overall annual budget for that year.
  • A facility is only eligible to receive this grant once every three years (see addendum).

Direct Grant up to $1,000

  • The facility must be an established show venue with a track record of providing dressage and/or eventing opportunities or schooling shows for CSDEA members.
  • The facility must submit a written request to CSDEA specifying what the funds will be used for.
  • A grant at this level requires approval of a majority of the CSDEA board of directors, taking into consideration the longevity of operation as a show facility and the benefit(s) it has offered to the CSDEA membership in the past.
  • The grant must fall within the overall annual budget for that year.
  • A facility is only eligible to receive this grant once every three years (see addendum).

Matching Grant up to $5,000

  • This grant is for large projects for improvements to established show facilities or for the development of new facilities.
  • The farm or facility shall submit a written request to the CSDEA board designating the amount requested, what the funds will be used for, and how it will benefit the CSDEA membership.
  • Matching grants require approval of the board of directors. Project requests shall be evaluated on their merit and benefit to the membership as a whole and their probability of longevity to CSDEA.
  • Upon approval, the CSDEA will assign a coordinator to oversee the project. A donation account will be set up and controlled by CSDEA on behalf of the facility. The facility will solicit donations from individuals or businesses who will submit such donations made out to CSDEA and earmarked specifically for the given large project. Donations made to CSDEA and earmarked for a particular large project are tax deductible.
  • Once construction of the project has begun, the coordinator shall authorize the release of the deposited donations to the facility as expenses are incurred. When the large project has been completed to the satisfaction of the coordinator and the CSDEA FDP committee, the CSDEA shall release to the facility a matching grant in the amount of 100% of the donations that were deposited from the grant’s inception date. The CSDEA treasurer and executive committee will handle distribution of any additional matching grant payouts between the completion of the project and the end of the 12 month period.
  • Matching grants shall not exceed $5,000.
  • If the facility does not complete the project within twelve (12) months, there will be no matching grant.
  • The facility shall provide CSDEA with a written agreement to hold at least one activity, clinic, event, or schooling opportunity per year for a period of not less than three consecutive years following the completion of the large project. In addition, the facility shall allow CSDEA the use of the facility once per year for each of the three following years for a CDSEA organized and sponsored clinic or event.
  • The grant must fall within the annual budget for the year in which the approval by the board is given.
  • A facility is eligible for a large project matching grant only once every three years (see addendum).
Addendum: In any given three year period, a facility may request a direct grant and a matching grant, providing that it has met the criteria established above. However, the maximum allowed grant shall not exceed $5,000 in any three year period. If a facility receives a direct grant, that amount shall be deducted from the $5,000 maximum allowed amount.
Hollow Creek Water Complex 2015
Hollow Creek Water Complex 2015 
In 2015, Hollow Creek Farm received a Facilities Development grant to aid in the construction of their water complex.

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