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Unmounted Clinic Undaunted by Snow


Dr. Jen Selvig with Isabel Holden's gelding


Feb. 21, 2009 - Saturday, February 21, 2009, the CSDEA held an Unmounted Clinic at Pine Meadow Farm in Delano, MN which attracted an attentive crowd of future and current eventing competitors. During the clinic, presenter Dr. Jen Selvig of Cleary Lake Veterinary Clinic showed participants how to check a horse's heart rate and then gave everyone the opportunity to listen to the heart beat.


The successful event was coordinated by CSDEA member-volunteers Jen Stano and Jen Emelianova. Trainers presenting were Jane Braddock, Jennie Hakes and Jenny Warner.  In addition, Pine Meadow boarders Isabel Holden, Brad Holden and Lisa Johnson assisted in attire, equipment and tack demonstrations.  Thanks to all (and especially to the very accommodating Pine Meadow Farm and their boarders and staff)!



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