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USEF Names Nominated Entry for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Dressage Team


By Joanie Morris, USEF Staff


July 1, 2008, Lexington, KY – The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has approved the following nominated entry for the Dressage Team for the 2008 Olympic Games in Hong Kong. Final entries will be made to the USOC on July 15, 2008.


The following riders are ranked based on their performance after the USEF Selection Trials:


Name/Age/Hometown/ Horse/Age/ Breed/Sex/ Owner 

  1. Steffen Peters/44/San Diego, CA/Ravel/10/ Dutch Warmblood/G/ Akiko Yamazaki
  2. Debbie McDonald/54/ Hailey, ID/Brentina/ 17/Hanoverian/ M/Peggy and Parry Thomas
  3. Courtney King-Dye/31/ New Milford, CT/Harmony’s Mythilus/14/ Dutch Warmblood/G/ Harmony Amateur Sports Foundation
  4. Courtney King-Dye/31/ New Milford , CT/Idocus/18/ Dutch Warmblood/S/ Christine McCarthy
  5. Steffen Peters/44/San Diego, CA/Lombardi 11/16/Holsteiner/ G/Akiko Yamazaki
  6. Leslie Morse/46/Beverly Hills, CA/Kingston/ 16/Dutch Warmblood/S/ Leslie Morse and Laura Petroff
  7. Michael Barisone/44/ Califon, NJ/Neruda/13/ Dutch Warmblood/G/ Jane Suwalsky
  8. Sue Blinks/48/Encinitas , CA/Mark/14/Dutch Warmblood/G/ Leatherdale Farms and Louise Leatherdale
  9. Lisa Wilcox/41/West Palm Beach , FL/Naomi/13/ Dutch Warmblood/M/ Janet Bell
  10. George Williams/42/ Delaware, OH/Rocher/17/ Westphalian/ M/Joann and Charles Smith
  11. Kristina Harrison-Naness/ 36/Burbank, CA/Rociero XV/13/Pura Raza Espanol/S/Margaret Carrera

Because of where Peters and King-Dye are ranked with their second horses, Lombardi and Idocus can be used as substitute horses for those riders if needed. Leslie Morse has been named as the alternate rider and will travel with the team to Hong Kong.


The top five riders and the top seven horses will fly to Aachen, Germany on July 10 where they will enter quarantine on July 17.