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Junior/Young Developing Rider Program (JDRP)

Applications for the 2020 season will be accepted March 2, 2020 to March 10, 2020. Your application consists of four parts:

Since 2001, CSDEA's Junior/Young Developing Rider Program (JDRP) has offered junior and young riders a season-long series of clinics with a nationally-accomplished eventing instructor. The program is designed for riders at a medium to advanced level to improve their horsemanship and competition skills. Applications to this popular program are accepted in early spring.

Details of the Program

  • Membership in CSDEA and USEA required.
  • Application is open to members 21 years of age and younger (the calendar year you turn 21, consistent with USEA and USEF eventing rules for young riders).
  • If oversubscribed, first preference goes to those who have participated in the program the previous year and completed required volunteer hours in that year. Second preference goes to complete applications.  Third preference goes to those who are a match to open spots at a given level (depending on which levels have openings). Fourth preference goes to the highest level rider within a group who has completed a USEA recognized event. Note this program is run using the same groups at each clinic throughout the year and, where possible, from year to year. This is to help ensure all the participants are matched appropriately so that every rider gets the most out of each clinic and equal time with the clinician.
  • The program is run as a series of clinics.*
  • The program provides several meals at each clinic and each individual rider's family is required to help with at least one meal throughout that year's series.
  • All participants are encouraged to volunteer 4 hours at a CSDEA organized event. This is in addition to volunteering done related to JDRP; all JDRP participants are required to help with set up, jump crew, and take down at each JDRP clinic. Any rider not complying with the volunteer requirements may not be accepted back to the program again in following years.
* If any accepted participant is unable to attend a JDRP clinic, their open spot will be offered as follows:
  1. Unaccepted applicants that ride at the same level as the open spot.
  2. Current JDRP riders with a second horse at the same level as the open spot.
  3. Previous JDRP riders who have aged out of the program and ride at the same level as the open spot.
  4. Parents of current JDRP riders who are members of CSDEA who ride at the same level as the open spot.
Note that it is rare that a rider is unable to participate in a session; notice is generally last-minute and due to a sudden illness, injury, or lameness. The protocol outlined above is designed to fill the spot on short notice with an appropriate horse/rider pair, ensuring a fair and educational experience for all participants.

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